Day: November 29, 2018

Elements that Make Your Web Design Outstanding

By now you know you already grasped how a website is a powerful tool when it comes to establishing your online presence and identity. However, it is not enough just to create one. You have to do more things to ensure that it can keep up with its competitors.

It is time that you think about web site design. You do not need to be a professional designer to understand how a perfectly laid-out website can entice people to stay and come back for more, which can eventually lead to more sales or conversions. You should be aware though that when it comes to web design, there is no single element that counts the most. Web design is rather the sum of many elements that make it great to look at.

web site design

It will be useful if you know the elements that make your web design outstanding. When designing, you should always put the visitor’s interest before your own. Here are some elements you should note to make your web design outstanding:

• Use grids: grids are series of vertical and horizontal rulers that will help you compartmentalise your design – think of it as columns. It is important that you consider columns because it will improve readability, which can make it easier for the pages to be absorbed. Compartmentalising follows a strict but clear structuring of elements making it easy on the eye and less messy.

  • Pick base colors: when you pick base colors, you should think about getting it in the same color palette – preferably two or three base colors. If you pick colors in the same color palette, you are ensuring that they go well together. There are many combinations that exist (like monochrome and contrasting schemes) but at the end of the day, it all comes down to common sense and feel.
  • Improving typography: typography is another branch of web design because it includes many elements. In this, you will come across font stacks (or typeface), measure (length of lines), leading (height of lines) and many more. All these significantly affect the user readability.
  • Add graphics: to add a visual message, you should consider graphics. You do not need a fancy one but keep in mind that poor graphics can definitely hurt your overall design. You should always strive to have impressive illustrations.
  • Consider white space: white space is also called negative space. Putting white space gives your text some breathing room or spatial space. If you want your elements to stand out, you should consider adding white space around them.

• Balance and connect the elements: balance means ensuring that there is symmetry. If you are not careful about how you laid things out, the design will become unbalanced and ineffective. Connection, on the other hand, refers to a design that is both unified and consistent. These things demonstrate the professionalism of your design.

Your goal here is to create an effective website through your design. Without an effective website, you will not see significant results from any of your online advertising promotions. One important note though: No Claims or promises, Information-based Articles only.